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Aughris Cycle

The rich heritage of Aughris provides a wealth for all ages, with areas of historic and scenic interest as well as all the water activities the area is renowned for.

1. Aughris Village

The former focal point of the community was the village of Aughris now totally deserted. In the 19th century Aughris had a population of 400, This village was highlighted in a feature in the Irish Press in 1973 entitled” It’s just a town that died”.
This population decline occurred due to high mortality during the famine and high emigration of the time caused by the ravages of economic depression.

2. Aughris Pier

Excellent pier for fishing. Deep sea angling trips and trips to Inishmurray Island can be arranged locally, weather permitting.

3. Maggie May’s old World Beach Bar

This is an old style traditional thatched roof pub offering food, drink, and Bed & Breakfast. The McDermott family run an excellent caravan and camping site along the sea front.

4. Dunmoran Strand

From Aughris Pier one can take a shore line walk to the golden strand of Dunmoran. As well as walking or swimming along the clean golden beaches Aughris and Dunmoran are good areas for surfing and lessons are available locally

5. Coragh Dtonn

West of Aughris Pier Public Walk are the magnificent cliffs of the Coragh Dtonn, not only is there an excellent view but you can hear the waves lap against the underlying caves.

6. OX Mountains

These provide a scenic backdrop along the route and lie to the East of the Aughris area

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