Easkey, Sligo

Easkey Coastal Walk / Cycle

Walk or ride a bike along this route and take in the sights of Roslee Castle, the Split Rock and more.

1. Bullane Stone & Bridge

This stone is incorporated into the bridge. The top of the stone takes an oblong shaped hollow , almost always filled with water and the water is reputedly a cure for warts and also qualified the village to hold a “Fair Day”
Bridge; Built in 1847 after the old bridge was washed away in 1844. Hangings took place in the early 19th century from the bridge

2. Roslee Castle

The castle was built in C.1207 for Oliver McDonnell who came to Ireland to marry an O’Dowd widow. it was originally a look out point and stands approximately 63ft at its highest point. At the beginning of the 19th century some reconstruction was done on the top of the castle, it is certain that this repair work has helped save the castle from weathering and collapsing.

3. Easkey Pier

This was built in 1884. It was originally to be used to export potatoes from the area but because of the rocky shore very little was use was made of the pier. It is a good point for fishing during the summer months; varieties of fish caught include mackerel, Pollack, eel and Bream.

4. Easkey Right

This s a renowned reef break right of the Pier. And waves’ permitting is rarely without some surfers.

5. Poll Gorm

Easkey’s swimming pool, where the stoney cliffs of the Easkey shore form a natural swimming pool from 3 sides In the 1970’s local doctor Dr McGuire organised the construction of a wall to complete the enclosure leaving a seawater pool when the tide goes out, as he felt the seawater would be of benefit to arthritis sufferers. Over the years this wall got washed away and in 2016 a group of locals got together and rebuilt it

6. The Split Rock

The Split Rock is an “Erratic” from the Ice Age. Local legend holds that the rock was split as a result of an argument between two giants. They threw 2 boulders of stone to the sea only one reached the sea the other dropped short in the field, the giant was so mad he ran down the mountain and split the stone with his sword It is believed that if one walks through the split three times it will close.

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