Easkey, Sligo

Easkey Village River Walk

This walk covers some of the highlights of Easkey including Bullane Stone, Castletown Castle, and Easkey Bridge.

1. Easkey House

This unique centre was opened in 1996. It has a Tourist Information Centre, a Bicycle hire shop, and upstairs is the renowned café Pudding Row.

2. Bullane Stone

This stone is incorporated into the bridge. The top of the stone takes an oblong shaped hollow , almost always filled with water and the water is reputedly a cure for warts and also qualified the village to hold a “Fair Day”

3. Easkey Bridge

Built in 1847 after the old bridge was washed away in 1844. Hangings took place in the early 19th century from the bridge.

4. Path

Across the bridge one can take the riverside path for a leisurely walk along the river bank, on to the Wild Atlantic Way The path has been recently renovated and bicycles are not permitted on this path.
River; The Easkey River is renowned for its salmon and trout fishing. It is rich in both salmon and trout during July August and September

5. Castletown Castle

Is on the left bank of the river as it enters the sea. Very little of the castle remains It was built by the Muldoon’s in C.1157 and was owned by the O’Dowd’s It is reputed it was here MacFirbish finished his 4 Annals

6. Surf Breaks

Easkey is regarded as a top-class surfing destination. The breaks are suitable for experienced surfers, with local beaches more suitable for the novice surfer. The rocky coastline is rich in fossils and rock formations.

7. Roslee Castle

The castle was built in C.1207 for Oliver McDonnell who came to Ireland to marry an O’Dowd widow. it was originally a look out point and stands approximately 63ft at its highest point. Known as the Sailors Bed. At the beginning of the 19th century some reconstruction was done on the top of the castle, it is certain that this repair work has helped save the castle from weathering and collapsing.

8. Easkey Pier

This was built in 1884. It was originally to be used to export potatoes from the area but because of the rocky shore very little use was made of the pier. It is a good point for fishing during the summer months; varieties of fish caught include mackerel, Pollack, and Bream.

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