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Star of the Sea Rathlee

The Swallows Nest
Star of the Sea Church is located on the original site of Rathlee National School which was first opened in 1835.

The schoolhouse was divided up the middle by a folding wooden partition. One side of this partition was for the boys and the other was for girls. They were separate schools with a principal and assistant in each.

Enrolment was high but attendance figures were very low. On Sundays and Holy days the partition was moved back and it was used as a church for Masses. After the new school was built in 1926 the old school was reconstructed to become Star of the Sea Catholic Church.

Saturday Mass: 7pm
Sunday Mass:
Weekday Mass Wednesday at 9am

The Swallows Nest

St. Anne’s Church

This Church of Ireland church was built in 1820 on the foundations of the original church which
was damaged beyond repair in the rebellions of 1798 when the French landed on this coast.

It is set in a quiet graveyard full of elms and rooks.

The original chalice from the old church, dated 1753 is still in use for Holy Communion and the
dedication, engraved on that chalice, “To St. Ann” can still be seen.

There is also a stained glass window restored by Kitty O’Brien in 1945.

Services are held 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 10 am.

St James Church

St James

The church was built in 1833 during the ministry of Fr. Patrick Flannelly as Parish Priest. It was built on land donated by The Landlord Fenton after the Old Church in Castletown was deconsecrated. It is built in the Gothic Revival Style of a Latin plan, in the shape of a cross. Fr. Flannelly is buried in The Abbey Graveyard in the village. The church was renovated and rededicated in 2003.

Sunday Mass: 11:30am
Weekday Mass (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday): 9am

Tune into 106.5 FM on Sunday at 11:30 am to hear the mass broadcast.

Parish of Easkey Bulletin

St James